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Our passion for pushing the boundaries and creating the most exquisite of looks goes all the way back to ’76 and Herman, our founder and our metal finishing mentor. Learning from him, we’ve gone on to create our vast collection of finishes, some of which, we’re proud to say, still use his original secret formulas.

Tap Handle, BRO05,
finished in Vintage Brass

Finish First

We believe that the character of a product is established by its finish before its form. Be it raw Aged Brass for a natural scheme or deep Charcoal for sophisticated city dwelling there is something for every feel that you’re looking to establish. And our unique proposal of made-to-order means that you are able to choose any of the finishes on any of the huge selection of products that we offer.

Creating Character

For us, finishing metal is far more than just applying a protective colour ontop of our brass. Choosing to create our finishes by hand allows us to work as artists, blending & layering surfaces from a broad pallete to create our unique expressions. We are not only interested in the metals that are available to us but also the processes that allow us to add depth and texture to the final surface. From treatments below the metal layers such as brushing and hammering, to treatments above such as relieving and lacquering, each finish is slowly built up from as many as 8 different treatments layered ontop of each other under tolerances that only the human eye and hand can regulate. No wonder then that almost half of our factory is dedicated to finishing and supporting all of the numerous artisans involved in the process.

One of our numerous electroplating stations

The raw surface of a shower arm being carefully brushed before metal plating is applied

Practice makes perfect

Working with each surface technique requires an apprecaition of the size and shape of the component that you are working with. Flat surfaces, tight corners, large or small radii? – each one of our processes needs to be adjusted to suit each component – from the way the materials move in a plating tank to the amount of pressure that is applied to a relieving wheel. There is no rule book that can be followed, only through years of dedicated practise can a level of hand-eye coordination be reached that allows for the gentle manipulatation of microns of surface layering across 1000’s of different components in the creation of a consistent product on the otherside.