Heritage Brass

An alternative to Vintage Brass, this finish presents a glossy version of our popular burnished brass look

Why we love it

Heritage Brass is classic finish. Evocative of old world opulence, it is painstakingly created by coating the brass surface with a black oxidizing agent, before having this oxidization carefully brushed away to reveal the brass beneath. Only once the right balance has been found do we then seal the surfaces with an industry leading 2 coats of gloss lacquer.

Bath Filler Set, ANC21, finished in Heritage Brass

Bath Handshower, ANC25, finished in Heritage Brass

Principle characteristics

The act of applying a gloss lacquer over our Heritage Brass’ artisanal surface works to present a preserved finish look. Presenting it under a glassy protective layer highlights the variance of stokes that have been applied by our polishers

Something to consider

Heritage Brass, alongside several others, belong to our artisanal finish offering. The variance of pressure applied on each stroke as we brush microns of darkened surface away leaves each product with its own character that is unique to the polisher who created it. For those who are seeking uniformity of surface finish therefore we would suggest looking to Tarnished Brass or Brushed Brass as an alternative

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