Black Mirror

An endlessly deep, glassy black finish designed to add a touch of hi-tech to anything it touches

Why we love it

Black Mirror adds an ultra-modern, clean lined look to any product that it is applied to. We love the depth that is created by its reflections and the endless intrigue it creates as you move around the room.

Tap_Handle, LOL26, finished in Black Mirror

Showerhead, ANC49, finished in Black Mirror

Principle characteristics

Black Mirrors speciality is capturing reflection. The highly polished surfaces have a glassy look that leaves edges tight and provides surfaces that subtly absorb the colours around them which means it can pair with a lot of materials, but we prefer large format monotone tiles or solid surfaces that reinforce Black Mirror’s perfect surfaces

Something to consider

Like any highly reflective surface Black Mirror captures fingerprints and waterspots with ease and so owners should be prepared for regular polishing to keep surfaces looking immaculate. It’s not a finish for everyone therefore, but for those prepared to put the time in, Black Mirror more than rewards.

London Tap, LOL04, finished in Black Mirror

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