Employing knurling details within two spout and handle options, Urbane offers a distinctly unique industrial visual for the discerning eye.

Basin Tap, URA03, finished in Gunmetal

What’s the story

Urbane has a bold silhouette that uses it’s knurled details to completement refined takes on a more industrial look. Select angled spouts for a more masculine look or swan spouts to soften.

Maker’s Notes

Urbane’s Cooper handle is a particular demonstration of the time and attention we pay to the small details. Formed of a number of separate pieces we carefully file and test each assembly before plating to ensure the resulting joints between components posses tight and even gaps.

Urbane looks great in finishes that match its level of industrial refinement – for example Gunmetal or Aged Nickel, but it’s character can also be changed by looking to more luxurious finishes such as Charcoal or Polished Brass

Urbane URA53 in Pewter

Shower Mixer, URA53, finished in Gunmetal

Basin Tap, URC06, finished in Vintage Brass,
with thanks to Rigby & Rigby

Further inspiration from the Range