Natural Brass

Raw Brass, polished. You’ll not find a more honest demonstration of the sincerity and quality of our products

Why we love it

With todays inclusion of plastics and alloys in brassware, there are few companies who can offer products to their customers made from solid brass. Whilst tarnishing is a significant characteristic of this material we love Natural Brass, like Stainless Steel, for a material integrity that, with no finishing layers on top of the surface, there’s nothing to wear off, which means that scratches and tarnishing can always be easily removed.

Basin Tap, LOF04, with thanks to KAST

Kitchen Set, BRO70, with thanks to Sanatorium

Principle characteristics

Without a surface coating, the edges of Natural Brass products present cleanly and crisply. The naturally oxidized layer means that surfaces appear light after polishing and gradually darken to a warm yellow over time.

Something to consider

Like aluminium, the surface of brass quickly oxidizes with exposure to air. In the bathroom space, water, soaps and chemicals will all act to accelerate this process, leaving darken areas on surfaces that they have come into contact with. Given time these spots will build into a unique patina of wonderful depth. Owners can therefore choose to allow this finish to build or to occasionally polish the surface with a metal cleaner to bring the finish back to its original state. For customers who would prefer a similar finish that does not change in time we suggest looking to our Polished Brass

Shower Mixer, BRO53, with thanks to Sanatorium

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