Taking inspiration from the neo-Georgian facades of some of Manhattan’s famous buildings, Sense’s hammered detail, available on 3 different handle designs, provides an elegant and functional form that is truly unique every time.

Basin Tap, SED06,
finished in Charcoal, with thanks to Helen Campbell Design

What’s the story

Sense’s signature surface makes it unique in the market and, due to the nature of its production, also a unique experience for us, because every time we produce it the random pattern and pressure of its hand beaten markings ensure that no component will ever quite be the same. Sense is the embodiment of our passion for surface finishes and the uniqueness that results from the application of artisanal skills

Maker’s Notes

Sense’s design led us to search far and wide for the most suitable method of creating its hand-beaten texture. Our quest ended with the discovery of the Warner & Swasey No. 6 Turret Lathe, made specifically for the task over 80 years ago. Placed at the very centre of our production room, a machine of this age needs a lot of love and that’s why she has a sole custodian tasked with carrying out calibrations and servicing every week to keep her at her best for many years to come.

Sense’s surface texture presents a sophisticated form ideal for refined homes looking for unique pieces. Inspired by Sense’s creation process, we find our artisanal finishes such as Charcoal, Vintage Brass and Pewter particularly effective at celebrating the depth of its surfaces.


Basin Tap, SEC05,
finished in Pewter


Shower Mixer, SEC51,
finished in Polished Brass

Further inspiration from the Range