A heritage look not often seen on brassware. This finish uses a brushed blackened layer on its upper surface to offer unique character

Why we love it

Created through the application of a black oxidizing layer that is then carefully brushed away by our polishers to reveal the nickel below, Pewter presents a unique surface that is neither silver, nor black

Tap Handle, SED53, finished in Pewter

Shower Mixer, BRO52, with thanks to MWAI Architects

Principle characteristics

Of particular attraction with Pewter are the fine hairlines of silver nickel that are revealed below the blackened surface. These glint and glisten with the light as the viewer moves around the space, adding a magical charm to this finish.

Something to consider

Pewter, alongside several others, belong to our artisanal finish offering. The variance of pressure applied on each stroke as we brush microns of darkened surface away leaves each product with its own character that is unique to the polisher who created it. For those who are seeking uniformity of surface finish therefore we would suggest looking to Gunmetal as an alternative

Towel Rail, LOF83, with thanks to Laura Strickland

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