All the other additional components that you need to complete your installation and ensure a consistent finish is maintained throughout the project.

Heated Towel Rail, HTS10, finished in Matt Black

What’s the story

With 22 unique finishes available we are often asked for complementary products to help complete the space and maintain a continuity throughout. Here we present an ever growing selection of products therefore to ensure we can assist with this. If however there’s ever anything missing that you need then just ask and we’ll endeavour to produce it for you.

Maker’s Notes

Getting involved in the “Extras” sees us working with some particularly specialist areas of the industry to ensure that the demands we place on our faucet engineering is as rigerously applied to these important additions – from our CE certified electrically heated towel bars, to getting our WC flushes working with Geberit cisterns there are lots of useful applications to explore in this section.

In assembling our Ancillaries collection we’ve been careful to select forms that have a universality to them, ensuring that no matter which faucet range they are paired with everything still balances well.


Basin Waste, ANC02,
finished in Aged Brass


Sensor Tap, AUT05,
finished in Gunmetal

Further inspiration from the Range