Inspired by rifle barrels, this finish provides a smooth sheen with a hint of warmth over delicate brush strokes

Why we love it

Neither matt, nor shiny, Gunmetal posses a unique lustre that provides a sophisticated dark tone over the top of a delicately brushed lower surface.

Basin Tap, TIN07, finished in Gunmetal

Basin Tap, LOF04, finished in Gunmetal

Principle characteristics

Hidden below Gunmetal’s upper surfaces is a layer of nickel that adds an almost imperceivable warmth to the finish and allows it to universally settle into all scheme where it’s included.

Something to consider

Whilst Gunmetal can be marked by cleaning products mistakenly left on its surface for a substantial amount of time, it is otherwise a very resilient choice. The sheen of Gunmetal is also well suited to the occasional application of our Faucet Wax that will act to prevent limescale build-ups over time.

Sensor Tap, AUT05, finished in Gunmetal

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