Aged Brass

A top secret technique developed by our craftsmen presents a naturally aged, warm patina straight out of the box

Why we love it

Perhaps our greatest secret and one of our unique signature finishes, Aged Brass, offers a gracefully aged, time-worn brass patina straight out of the box.

Bathspout, ELV20, finished in Aged Brass

Basin Tap, ELS04, finished in Aged Brass

Principle characteristics

Mellowed brass tones and surface wear are lovingly created by our artisans by a series of hand applied processes that leave an endlessly tactile and authentic finish.

Something to consider

Like our Natural Brass finish, Aged Brass is presented uncoated. Whilst this does leave an exquisite silken surface it does also mean that water, soap and chemicals are able to accelerate darkening where they have come into contact with the surface. We advise that owners allow these marks to gradually build however to create a characterful patina that takes on the nature of its use. For customers who would prefer a dulled brass finish that does not change in time we suggest looking to our Tarnished Brass or Brushed Brass

Shower Mixer, LOL51, finished in Aged Brass

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