Polished 24k Gold

Our four stage process ensures a 2-3 micron thick coating of gold is achieved in this, our most extravagant of finishes

Why we love it

For those looking for the ultimate expression of opulence nothing beats our Polished 24k Gold surface brass that carefully strikes the balance between thickness of plating and a crispness of edge and detail

Basin Tap, LOC07, with thanks to MKGB Bassines

Basin Tap, HIL09, finished in Polished Gold

Principle characteristics

More intense in its tone than Polished Brass, Polished Gold presents clean, sharp reflections and works well against other polished surfaces.

Something to consider

As with any polished finish, surfaces will suffer a reduction of clarity from repeated cleaning with abrasive materials and so we advise the exclusive use of microfibre cloths as a way to keep this finish looking immaculate.

Basin Tap, ZEN03, finished in Polished Gold

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