Tarnished Brass

A lacquered version of our Aged Brass surface, providing a soft patina in a form that won’t change over time

Why we love it

Designed for those seeking a dulled, natural looking brass that also remains consistent throughout its lifetime. Tarnished Brass is another of our signature finishes that demonstrate the incredible skillset of our team in creating looks that others cannot.

Sensor Tap, AUT12, finished in Tarnished Brass

Basin Tap, ZEN03, with thanks to Mandarin Stone

Principle characteristics

As with so many of our finishes we are interested in presenting movement, depth and expression. Tarnished Brass certainly demonstrates how these interests can be used to capture subtle movement under a matt lacquered surface, that allows the finish to captivate.

Something to consider

Whilst we apply industry leading thickness of lacquer to our products, any lacquered surface will always be susceptible to chemical erosion. To maintain the quality of the surfaces therefore we advise owners to be particularly careful in washing away cleaning products left on the products’ surfaces for any length of time, particularly the almost invisible accumulation of mist on surfaces left by spray cleaners that have been used on adjacent surfaces.

Towel Rail, URB84, with thanks to McCrum Interior Design

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