Brushed Nickel

Delicate brush strokes beneath our satin nickel plating provides an industrial, stainless steel inspired, aesthetic

Why we love it

Here we present a more refined and graceful version of the traditionally industrial look of Brushed Nickel. Using the lightest of touches on our brushing wheels and a thicker coat of Nickel results in a refinement not normally seen in this more ubiquitous finish.

Tap Handle, URC54, finished in Brushed Nickel

Kitchen Set, ELV73, finished in Brushed Nickel

Principle characteristics

Surprisingly, despite its silver colour, Nickel has a warm undertone and this opens up opportunities to pair Brushed Nickel with similarly warm materials such as woods and warm grey/beige stones

Something to consider

As a material Nickel can be quite robust, but it is an uncoated finish and owners should be a little careful of leaving cleaning chemical droplets from spray cleaners on it’s surface. Making sure you washdown and clean your taps as the last process in your cleaning routine will ensure you remove this possibility.

Bath Set, ELV28, finished in Brushed Nickel

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