Vintage Copper

This time worn finish blends burnt copper tones with a unique artisanal brushing technique

Why we love it

Our Vintage Copper finish offers a worn-in look that is painstakingly created by coating the copper surface with a black oxidizing agent, before carefully brushing this away to reveal the copper beneath. Only once the right balance has been found do we then seal the surfaces with an industry leading 2 coats of matt lacquer.

Heated Rails, HTK02, finished in Vintage Copper

Basin/Kitchen Tap, ELV06, finished in Vintage Copper

Principle characteristics

We feel this artisanal effect is softened by its presentation under a matt lacquer that adds a subtly to its expression. Darkened areas remain in tighter joints and angles to provide contrast and further evidence of our artisans to leave their own expression on the product

Something to consider

Vintage Copper, alongside several others, belong to our artisanal finish offering. The variance of pressure applied on each stroke as we brush microns of darkened surface away leaves each product with its own character that is unique to the polisher who created it.

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