Rustica Brass

We’ve created a velvet surface to this dark tactile finish to allow it to capture light within its warm brass base

Why we love it

Finishing for us is as much about surface texture as it is depth of colour and tone. Rustica Brass is a great example of how these interests overlap in the creation of a very unique finish that posses a velvet surface and a deep colour that is built up through the application of several layers of materials.

Bath Tap, SED29, finished in Rustica Brass

Kitchen Tap, BRO72, with thanks to Doca Cocina

Principle characteristics

Whilst Rustica Brass offers an intensely deep black surface there is also a softness to its look that allows it to sit comfortably in most spaces without needing to shout. It’s velvet surface is highly caressable and its warm tone sees it pair well with a lot of adjacent materials.

Something to consider

Alongside careful washing off of cleaning chemicals, the velvet surface of Rustica Brass acts to hold water a little more than others and therefore limescale build up will be slightly more with this finish. Our regular 6 Month Maintenance Plan will ensure that this is removed without damage however and the additional application of our Faucet Wax will help to disperse standing water from the surfaces during daily use.

Heated Rail, HTS03, finished in Rustica Brass

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