5 Bathroom Trends to try in 2022

We share 5 trends that you can follow to transform your bathroom space.

May 26, 2022

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With an abundance of bathroom inspiration around, it can be difficult to pinpoint current trends to try yourself. This is why we have compiled 5 bathroom trends which we think are worth shouting about in 2022.


“Feature walls are becoming more popular than ever behind sinks and in shower cubicles.”

Taking the bathroom world by storm, tiling can not only provide your space with a pop of color, but it can also a great way to inject character into a bathroom, almost instantly providing a simple refresh.

Patterns such as mosaic tiles, commonly known as ‘kit kat’ tiles , can add depth and texture to a bathroom space without competing with other prints or patterns.

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The Spa-inspired Bathroom

“More and more people are seeking to creating luxurious spaces that they are able to call a home.”

A spa-inspired bathroom has generated huge interest in the home interiors industry in 2022. This has resulted in many opting for bigger and larger shower enclosures, as well as walk-in showers or wetrooms instead of bathtubs.

With more time than ever being spent inside of the home, it is not surprise that the spa-inspired bathroom space is trending.

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Biphilia and Greenery

“For those who don’t know, Pinterest Predicts for 2022 lists biophilic design as a huge, dominating trend this year..”

The concept is centred around human connection to nature – essentially, bringing the outdoors in.

Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing, but they can also help create a relaxing environment, with the added benefits of purifying air, odor-fighting and antibacterial properties.

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Home Automation

“With technology getting better and better by the day, there are many that have been integrating smart technology into their bathroom spaces..”

As people seek to improve efficiency and enhanced personal comfort in the bathroom, automatic touchless taps, smart showers and smart toilets are proving to be a hit. 

With the global situation over the past couple of years, we are completely on board with touchless bathroom fixtures.

Zen ZEN06 Deck Mounted 2 Hole Basin Set with Square Spout in Brushed Nickel

The return of Brass

“It is no secret that chrome and steel are a highly popular choice for bathroom spaces. However, these metals tend to make a space feel cold and stark.”

Rising in popularity to combat this issue, is copper and brass. The warmer metallic tones create visual impact and can immediately change the mood from functional to indulgent.

Our Vintage Copper and Natural Brass finishes are great options.