The Automatic Touchless Taps by The Watermark Collection

The Watermark Collection offers edgy, bold new views on kitchen and bathroom brassware, combining its authentic industrial heritage with a contemporary decorative chic.
We are proud to announce the recent launch of our brand new Automatic Touchless Taps, available in 13 designs and 22 decorative finishes.
The Background
In response to the current global situation, and the need for safe handwashing, there has never been a greater need for touchless bathroom fixtures.

Automatic or touchless taps are not unheard of. The automatic taps you are familiar with, used in locations such as public restrooms use sensors built into the spout. This limits the design options of the tap and causes some to not reliably detect motion.
The Solution
As a result, The Watermark Collection have worked to introduce a product that extends the design capabilities of automatic taps whilst utilising new technology.

Our brand new automatic taps provide high-end settings with the convenience of touchless control, whilst being available in designs matching our 13 ranges and 22 finishes.

Instead of using built-in motion sensors, The Watermark Collection’s automatic taps use a special proximity sensor. This separate sensor seamlessly integrates with the tap to create its touchless functionality.

To conserve water and energy, The Watermark Collection’s automatic taps turn off after 12 seconds. You can request to change this default setting during your order.
The Care
Each of our automatic touchless taps are equipped with a cleaning mode. With a touch of button on the proximity sensor, the water from the touchless control can be switched off.

This will allow you the freedom to carefully clean the taps without any wastage of water. Once you are done, simply click the button again to switch it back on.

Accessories and additional components such as flush plates, heated towel rails and toilet roll holders, are all available in our 22 finishes to ensure a consistent finish throughout your washroom project.

To enquire, contact us and a Consultant will be in touch within one day.