Focus on your wellbeing: Turning your bathroom space into a sanctuary

We share 4 ways you can turn your bathroom space into a sanctuary.

May 5, 2022

Loft L0F24 Floor Standing Single Hole Bathset with Slimline Handshower and Swan Spout Gunmetal

Bathrooms can be easily overlooked, often viewed as a place of necessity rather than a place of retreat. Whilst they should be functional, bathrooms are increasingly being renovated into spaces of sanctuary – with benefits of improving overall wellbeing.

An extension of the bedroom

“Bedrooms are renowned for their comfort and relaxation, extending these notions into the bathroom is a fool proof way to create a sanctuary.”

Consider big open doors to make the space inviting, or perhaps walk in showers to open up the space. Our Deluge Showerheads can instantly transform a home bathroom into one of hotel luxury. Incorporating a sitting area with soft furnishings can further convert a regular bathroom to a place of ultimate relaxation. 

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“Having a clean, tidy bathroom is an easy and efficient way to create a tranquil space.”

Carefully thought-out furniture and storage solutions such as cabinets under basins can help achieve this, taking up no extra space whilst holding all the bathroom essentials.

Minimalist spaces are immediately noticeable for their clean and clutter-free look. Consider simplistic forms such as our Loft range, where the visual design appears uncomplicated yet still contemporary, providing a sense of visual calm.

Loft LOF04 Wall Mounted 3 Hole Basin Sett in Aged Brass

Bringing the outside in

“Adding elements of nature to a bathroom space will help to create a calming and relaxed atmosphere.”

Whilst plants bring a visual appeal, giving vibrancy and interest to a room, depending on the type of plant they can also offer physical benefits such as purifying the air.

Using natural materials can further help to establish this atmosphere. Our Rock Covers within our Elements range, which are uniquely hand worked stones and marbles, are elegant in design, offering a more natural solution over brass wear handles.

Elan Vital ELV05 Wall Mounted 3 Hole Basin Set in Rustica Brass


“Carefully thought-out color schemes will demonstrate a perfect balance, where the spectator is never overwhelmed, creating a visually satisfying space.”

Color is a crucial component to make a bathroom sanctuary. Drawing on softer colors such as light pinks, soft greens, and off whites will most certainly deliver a soothing environment.

As well as neutrals, color psychology has been heavily linked to well-being, and this can still be achieved with a stronger color scheme. Consider Rustica Brass, a dark finish with a velvet surface, offering a softer alternative to the deeper, solid color finishes.

Zen ZEN06 Deck Mounted 2 Hole Basin Set with Square Spout in Brushed Nickel

If a bathroom is already practical and does the job, spending time turning it into a sanctuary may not appear a priority. However, considering our 4 tips could perhaps guide you in the process of creating a bathroom full of visual pleasure with some major benefits for overall well-being.