Ask The Expert: Creating Bold Palettes For Your Bathroom

We compiled 4 cornerstones that you can use to successfully create your own bold statement.

April 11, 2022

Highline HIL09 Wall Mounted 3 Hole Basin Set in Natural Brass

Bold interiors evoke visions of strong color schemes and prominent features. These striking spaces can often be seen as esoteric and difficult to create, but behind every bold look there are 4 cornerstones that you can use to successfully create your own bold statement.


“A critical element of a bold palette, setting the overarching feeling and creating its impact.”

It is not all about bright colours, but instead the contrast between them, meaning that schemes can be created even from a neutral colour scheme. Consider small details also that allow you to play with contrast like our Titanium range – its dual finishes allowing you to play between precise and artisanal finish colors in the creation of your own bold statement piece.

Titanium TIN09 Deck Mounted 2 Hole Basin Set with Square Spout in Charcoal


“Adding drama to a space is a sure-fire way to present boldness, and there’s nothing better than lighting to achieve this.”

Think of spotlights highlighting a performer on stage – the way light is positioned to hit surfaces and materials can accentuate their presence.

This can be achieved through meticulous control of lighting, both natural and artificial. For example light hitting products with metallic finishes, such as our ethereal Pewter finish, presents them as eye-catching jewellery, further building on the special nature of the space.

London Brass Wall Mounted Basin Tap with Cross Handles by The Watermark Collection

London LOC25 Wall Mounted 3 Hole Basin Set with Square Spout in Natural Brass


“A bold palette needs to be visceral – working with different surface qualities and textures is an easy way to create bold spaces.”

Playing with pattern can often be too ominous to use and is best left to the experts.

Layering different textures will help to exaggerate lighting and contrast whilst still presenting a personal, idiosyncratic look. For example, using the hammered surface detail of our Sense range helps to exaggerate the drama whilst also providing a satisfying sensorial experience.

Sense SED05 Wall Mounted 2 Hole Basin Set in Brushed Brass

Architectural Lines

Bold spaces express a direct message, and this can be achieved through clarity of strong and uncompromising architectural lines.

Our Edge range embodies this, with its tight lines providing a clear direction. The wall mounted spout’s purposeful line creates a statement, whilst its simplicity pleases the eye. Its carefully thought-out form keeps the visual weight of the design to a minimum, appearing strong yet effortless.

Edge EDG08 Deck Mounted 2 Hole Basin Set with Square Spout in Rustica Brass

Putting together a bold palette may seem daunting and risker than simpler solutions. However, by carefully considering contrast, lighting, texture and architectural lines, you can create something truly authentic and distinct with a wow factor like nothing else.