Brushed Brass

Fine brushing creates a dulled, tactile surface to this brass, which is then sealed to ensure tarnishing won’t occur

Why we love it

As with all of our brushed finishes, we take a delicate approach to brushing our surfaces that’s unique in the marketplace. This is certainly true with our Brushed Brass finish which is subsequently encapsulated by an industry leading 2 layers of matt lacquer to leave a smooth and wonderfully dulled surface that won’t tarnish over its lifetime

Bidet Tap, BRO61, finished in Brushed Brass

Bath Tap, LOL24, with thanks to Mari Raidal

Principle characteristics

Our Brushed Brass finish features subtle brush marks which add character to the surface whilst not working to steal the show away from the mellow warmth of the brass below.

Something to consider

Whilst we apply industry leading thickness of lacquer to our products, any lacquered surface will always be susceptible to chemical erosion. To maintain the quality of the surfaces therefore we advise owners to be particularly careful in washing away cleaning products left on the products’ surfaces for any length of time, particularly the almost invisible accumulation of mist on surfaces left by spray cleaners that have been used on adjacent surfaces.

Bath Tap, LOC25, with thanks to Humphrey Kelsey

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