An elegant collection available with two handle types, London tweaks at classical elements whilst incorporating clean lines that make it ideal for modern interiors looking to add a hint of heritage.

Bath Tap, LOL31, finished in Rustica Brass, with thanks to Marek Wojciechowski Architects

What’s the story

When we developed London, we were only too aware of the ubiquity of the “cross & lever” range. So we decided to look to our interest in surfacing and sensorial feedback in the development of a subtle form whose side walls are all tapered to the same angle as the users hand operating them. This leads to a rewarding, secure and embracing experience unique in the sector

Maker’s Notes

With an eye to providing a heritage reference to London’s form our design studio developed the circular tapered barrel that runs down through the centre of every handle. This easily overlooked detail is in fact one of the most significant examples of our polishers ability – being able to take a forged form and polish it by hand to an almost perfect circle whilst resisting the pressures of the polishing wheel is, to those who have ever tried to draw a perfect circle on the page, an incredible celebration of what can be achieved when you dedicate your life to an artform.

London’s heritage twist makes it an ideal selection for owners of period homes who still wish for the clean line of modern living. Matching that direction we suggest choosing clean finishes with a period reference such as Polished Nickel, Polished Brass or even Oil Rubbed Bronze


Basin Tap, LOC07, finished in Aged Brass,
with thanks to Kites Grove


Bath Tap, LOC32, finished in Vintage Brass