How To Add Patterns To Your Bathroom Space

We share 4 ways you can successfully add patterns to your bathroom.

June 9, 2022

With minimalist interior design taking the bathroom world by storm, patterned bathroom inspiration can be hard to come by. From minimal to eclectic, we have compiled 4 ways you can add patterns to your bathroom space.


“Wallpaper can add vivacity to almost any room. It doesn’t have to be gaudy or over-the top, opt for something subtle and simple to ensure the space is stylishly balanced.”

Not to mention, it can add color, pattern, depth and texture to a bathroom – a room that can risk feeling cold and clinical.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns either – a patterned bathroom floor can mesh perfectly with patterned wallpaper. The key is to ensure there is space between the patterns on the walls and the patters on the floors.

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“Stripes can be a fantastic option to take your bathroom space to the next level.”

The combinations are endless, whether you want something bright and bold, over-the-top or modern and sophisticated.

Whether you go vertical or horizontal with the placement of your stripes is dependent on the size of your space, so make sure you have a clear idea of whether you want to lengthen or widen the bathroom before you pick up your paintbrush.

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“Curtains can be a great way to frame a large window area in a bathroom or kitchen space” 

They can also offer the opportunity to introduce patterns and texture to your bathroom design. Consider lightweight and washable fabrics, that still allow plenty of light to enter.

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Patterned Tiles

“Patterned tiles can sometimes overwhelm a space, however, using them in small doses can provide plain walls with an immediate refresh and boost.” 

You could also perhaps try to veer away from the classic tile shapes, and opt for triangular or octagonal tiles. Designers are continuously breaking the mold with different shapes and patterns to be more adventurous with their tiles in bathrooms.

Titanium Black Wall Mounted Basin Tap with Round Handles by The Watermark Collection

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