Modern Eclectic: Brass And Terrazzo

Interior Designer Melissa Jenkinson created this theatrical modern bathroom for herself. It features surfaces and fittings originally sourced for work projects, but also earmarked for the chance to create her own personal space.

May 11, 2021

Brooklyn BRO23 bath set in Tarnished Brass.
Brooklyn BRO75 basin set in Tarnished Brass.

Featuring throughout the apartment, in her own bathroom, the guest bathroom and the kitchen, The Watermark Collection’s Brooklyn brassware in Tarnished Brass was, she says, “Love at first sight. It bridges the look between vintage and contemporary and I especially appreciate how the brass evolves with use.”

The brassware gleams against the backdrop of dark colours and muted neutrals, bringing warmth and character to this designer’s home.

Inspired by a Caribbean childhood, Melissa confidently mixes fleamarket treasure and tropical plants with commercial Terrazzo for the shower and basins.

Brooklyn BRO53 shower valve, BRO43 shower set and BRO46 showerhead in Tarnished Brass.

Brooklyn BRO23 bath set in Tarnished Brass.

Brooklyn BRO07 3-hole basin and BRO84 Tower Rail in Tarnished Brass
Brooklyn BRO53 Shower valve, BRO43 Shower set and BRO46 Showerhead in Tarnished Brass

Brooklyn BRO72 basin set in Tarnished Brass.

Interiors: Heirloom Studio
Photography: Guy Archard