London Fields Vintage Home

This spacious family bathroom was designed by Brian O’Tuama Architects as part of the full refurbishment of an East London town house.

May 12, 2021

London LOL31 bathset and LOC25 basin set in Tarnished Brass

London LOL31 bathset and LOC25 basin set in Tarnished Brass

The architects describe this as a house for “a happy family” and a large social kitchen forms a natural hub at the heart of the villa.

Traditional in concept and materials, but utterly contemporary in its realisation, the kitchen is full of warm colour and craft textures. The sink features Watermark’s Elan Vital brassware in the Vintage Brass finish that links through to the three bathrooms.

A minute attention to detail is obvious throughout this project… and best summarised the architects’ own words, “Accents amalgamate into a coherent, harmonious and beautiful entity.”

Architect: Caprini & Pellerin
Photography: Cafeine