4 Types of Silver Finishes for your Bathroom Taps

Aged Nickel

Presenting a smooth, tarnished sheen this finish offers a unique and graceful alternative to Brushed Nickel.

Taking a similar approach to Aged Brass, we lay down a series of hand applied processes to a nickel surface that leaves a paired back and time-worn look reminiscent of unpolished silverware.

Aged Nickel’s surface presents exquisitely. Neither polished, nor obviously brushed, its subtle character offers a graceful and authentic patina captured in an aged worn wisdom.

With nickel being a less reactive base than brass, owners should not expect the same level of tarnishing as Aged Brass. We do however advise that cleaning routines are adjusted so that our products are washed down and dried last – in doing so any cleaning chemical droplets that might have collected on surfaces from spray cleaners are diluted and the possibility of small black tarnishing spots are removed as a result.

Brushed Nickel
Delicate brush strokes beneath our satin nickel plating provides an industrial, stainless steel inspired, aesthetic.

Here we present a more refined and graceful version of the traditionally industrial look of Brushed Nickel. Using the lightest of touches on our brushing wheels and a thicker coat of Nickel results in a refinement not normally seen in this more ubiquitous finish.

Surprisingly, despite its silver colour, Nickel has a warm undertone and this opens up opportunities to pair Brushed Nickel with similarly warm materials such as woods and warm grey/beige stones.

As a material Nickel can be quite robust, but it is an uncoated finish and owners should be a little careful of leaving cleaning chemical droplets from spray cleaners on it’s surface. Making sure you washdown and clean your taps as the last process in your cleaning routine will ensure you remove this possibility.
Polished Chrome
Proving that not all chromes are alike, we use only the finest to ensure a bright colour and graceful flow across all edges. Polished Chrome leans to the blue spectrum and so is ideally paired with cool greys and pure whites.

Applied over the top of a nickel layer, this finish not only provides durable protection, but its shiny surfaces allow water to run off them and thus the speed of mineral build-up and water spots left after evaporation of standing water are reduced.

The staple of the industry – smooth, clean and robust. Although Chrome can be used to hide a multitude of sins, you can be sure that underneath the surface of our brassware it’s solid brass through-and-through.
Polished Nickel
A hint of champagne gives this delicate silver finish an elegant look that will add grace to any heritage scheme. There is something magical about Polished Nickel – a polished silver finish that somehow also reveals a warm, champagne, undertone. Possessing a surface that captures crisp lowlights, Polished Nickel offers a uniquely refined and sophisticated look.

We are often asked about the difference between Polished Nickel and Polished Chrome. Aside from the warmer undertone of Polished Nickel we also find that the finish leaves edges and corners crisper and more satisfying to the touch as a result.

Although a silver finish, Polished Nickel is not quite as tough as Polished Chrome. Owners are advised to remove abrasive materials from their cleaning routines, therefore. Sticking to microfibre cloths however will keep this finish looking immaculate for years to come.