4 Monoblock Taps Design Styles

For minimal bathroom or kitchen design, monoblock taps are always an ideal choice. With only one hole for the tap and handle(s), monoblock taps take up less space on the deck or wall. They also tend to have a slim and sleek look whilst adding individuality to a bathroom.
What Is a Monoblock Tap?
Monoblock tap (monoblock mixer tap, monobloc tap, or mono basin taps) are a common type of basin type that consists of a single hole and a built in handle. The handle controls both the water flow and temperature simultaneously. There are some monoblock taps with two handles to allow users more control over the temperature.

Discover below four different types of monoblock taps available at The Watermark Collection.
Brooklyn Monoblock Tap
Brooklyn’s form allows it to be uniquely matched to all looks – from luxe to modern to industrial – just dress the design in a finish that’s appropriate to the scheme and watch Brooklyn work its magic.

With its signature gate valve-inspired handle perched on the top of the main body, it is easy to operate in order to get the temperature just right.
Sense Monoblock Tap

Taking inspiration from the neo-Georgian facades of some of Manhattan’s famous buildings, Sense’s hammered detail, available on 3 different handle designs, provides an elegant and functional form that is truly unique every time.

The design of the handle on this design combines mixing of water and flow into a single rotational movement. Read more about this here.

Loft provides an optimised range with unique elements and a universal form that still maintains a quality of construction and finish that is the hallmark of all our ranges. The slim profile of this Loft 2.0 Collection monoblock faucet makes it particularly well-suited for a small space
Titanium Monoblock Tap

Titanium offers the ability to fuse our famous clean-lined industrial look with your own selection of dual finish combinations in the creation of striking and personalized solutions that celebrate our craftspeople and the unique handmade finishes that they create. The Titanium monoblock tap this features a progressive cartridge where the handle controls the flow and temperature of water with just one movement. Read more about this faucet technology here.

With the Monoblock designs in this range we decided to add a further level of control by including an innovative aerator system. Simply turn the cap at the end of the spout to regulate the flow and match it perfectly to your basin shape.