Deck Mounted Automatic Touchless Square Spout
Product Summary
  • Operated by user waving hand near the spout
  • No contact with the spout required to operate
  • Operation run time is set at 12 seconds
  • Spout earthed by a wired connection ring to controls
  • Controls can be up to 300mm away from spout
  • This system requires a CR-P2 6v Battery (Not Included)
  • Do not install on a metal surface or in close proximity to any large metal item such as a sink
  • This system does not mix the water
  • Removable spout aerator for cleaning
  • Coloured flow restrictor fixed into aerator
  • Requiring 1 x 38mm diameter in counter
  • Ensure feed pressure is between 1-5 bar
  • Suggested counter thickness: 20-30mm
  • Available in 22 finishes
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