Inspired by gate valves found in the mid-century apartment blocks of Brooklyn, this range presents a style for all urbanites combined with the functionality of modern manufacture.

Wall Valve, BRO54,
finished in Vintage Brass

What’s the story

Brooklyn’s iconic form was inspired by the gate valves used in sprinkler systems in the apartment blocks across our borough. Why not specify it in a vivid red using our Custom Gloss finish to complete the original vision.

Maker’s Notes

The basic form of each Brooklyn handle is created through a process called hot forging. This sees a plug of brass heated to around 800 degrees centigrade, before being placed in a mould and hammered into its iconic form by giant machinery. After cooling we then burnish all surfaces to refine them and get the handle ready for the more detailed surface work that is required in advance of applying your chosen finish.

Brooklyn’s form allows it to be uniquely matched to all looks – from luxe to modern to industrial – just dress the design in a finish that’s appropriate to the scheme and watch Brooklyn work its magic. This said some of our particular favourites are Gunmetal, Vintage Brass and Aged Brass


Shower Set, BRO52 & BRO54,
finished in Gunmetal


Deck Mounted Tap, BRO04,
finished in Charcoal

Further inspiration from the Range