Wandsworth House

This high-end development house was designed by interior designer Marie-Sophie Roussel of RT Interiors, in collaboration with architects David McGahon and Greg Walton of Studio McW.

May 12, 2021

ELS71 with Charcoal body, Carrara cover and Polished Copper scallop insert

The interior of a classic Edwardian townhouse has been transformed into a series of exciting contemporary spaces, whilst retaining the building’s classic proportions.

Placed in this simple, modern setting, both the natural and the manmade materials were selected to convey permanence and authenticity.

ELE43 slim handshower in Charcoal and ELS52 wall valve with Charcoal body, Carrara cover and Polished Copper scallop insert 

ELS54 shower valve with Polished Copper body, Carrara cover, and Charcoal scallop insert

In an echo of Edwardian building practice, the refurbishment places considerable focus on the quality of the workmanship and carefully curated materials. 

Watermark’s modular ‘Elements‘ collection answered the brief exactly. Their uniquely customisable concept gave Marie-Sophie the opportunity to create her own tap and shower designs for the master bathroom and kitchen, using components in Carrara marble, polished copper and a characterful Charcoal hand finish.

Interiors: RT Interiors
Architects: Studio McW
Photography: Darren Chung