Project Profiles | Alessia Mainardi

We uncover Interior Designer Alessia Mainardi’s inspirations behind her ‘Forever Home’ project in Tuscany

“I choose handmade products and surfaces for my projects. The passion and care they put into understanding your vision and delivering the perfect piece can never be replaced by assembly line.”

We take on Alessia Mainardi to discuss ‘The Forever Home’ project, based in Tuscany, to uncover how she carefully selects her products and materials. The project features our elegant London collection, finished in Rustica Brass.

“Elegance never goes out of fashion.”

Born and raised in Milan, Alessia felt connected to style at an early age and likes to mix traditional Italian motifs with retro and vintage pieces for a distinct aesthetic. She aims to deliver timeless, sophisticated interiors, with her motto remaining as “elegance never goes out of fashion”. 

Alessia explains how she draws inspiration from the client’s travel memories and incredible photography work. See the video above to find out more.