My spout is dripping

A tiny drip from your recently installed tap can be easily fixed by obtaining a new cartridge, but it can also be easily avoided during the installation process.
May 28, 2021

During your bathroom installation dust, debris, PTFE tape strands and solder will inevitably collect in the water pipes. The first few times the taps are turned this on debris flows through the pipes and passes out of the tap. Although these particles are small, they are also made from quite hard materials, which act to score the wall of the valves as they pass through. The tiniest amount of water is then able to find its way past the valve and collect as a small drip from the spout.

Installers should therefore turn on the water system for at least 1 minute before installation of any finished product to try to flush as much of this debris through the pipes as possible before it is able to damage the working parts. These sorts of situations become more common the larger the project is because a greater volume of debris collects in the pipes and it can take longer for it to be dislodged into the system.

Should this situation occur to you then please just contact us or your local distributer and we can organise for a new valve to be sent to you.