Heated Towel Rails

Be it a compact washroom or a master ensuite every bathroom requires a solution to dry and store towels, leaving them fresh for their next use. Our towel rail program proposes several modular solutions available in most of our finishes to ensure a harmonious look throughout the space.

Electric Heated Rail with Smooth Bars, HTS01,
finished in Brushed Brass

Towel drying solutions for all situations

Whether its a brand new space of a bathroom redesign, one of the most essential design touches you can add is a heated towel rail.

Our heated towel rails feature large gaps between each bar to ensure towels can be hung and dried much more efficient than ordinary towel racks, whilst leaving the bathroom with a level of hotel-like sophistication.

Our extensive new range offers both electric and water based heated rail solutions in 4 sizes, with a particularly discreet valve design, as well as individually heated electric bars that present a minimal look and allow a greater level of creativity in your layout – why not add 1 to your cloakroom and ensure hand towels are always dry for guests.

Designs are available in multiple standard sizes or you can order a version matching your own custom dimensions.

Water Heated Towel Rail, HTS10,
finished in Matt Black

The details of our new Heated Towel Rails

Water based designs come complete with a discrete valve design that is harmonious with the rest of the look. These valves are available with multiple connection types for different plumbing systems.

We have also chosen to build the program from 32mm diameter brass to maintain the substantial feel of rest of their products, as well as higher thermal outputs from the same silhouette.

To add further uniqueness to the designs of the program, and to allow them to match the look of several of their ranges, their new heated towel rails are available with either Smooth or Knurled horizontal rails.

Individual Electric Heated Bars, HTS02,
finished in Vintage Brass

Individual Electric Heated Towel Bars, HTK01,
finished in Charcoal