7 Types of Dark Finishes for your Bathroom Taps

Black Mirror
An endlessly deep, glassy black finish designed to add a touch of hi-tech to anything it touches.

Black Mirror adds an ultra-modern, clean lined look to any product that it is applied to. We love the depth that is created by its reflections and the endless intrigue it creates as you move around the room.

Black Mirrors speciality is capturing reflection. The highly polished surfaces have a glassy look that leaves edges tight and provides surfaces that subtly absorb the colours around them which means it can pair with a lot of materials, but we prefer large format monotone tiles or solid surfaces that reinforce Black Mirror’s perfect surfaces.
Inspired by our love of dark chocolate we use a lacquering process to give this bronze finish its lush, flat look.

A finish that meets our combined loves of dark chocolate and bronze sculpture, Charcoal was created to encapsulate the movement and depth that bronze provides whilst offering a solution suitable to the harsh bathroom environment.

Initially appearing uniformly dark chocolate in tone, the eye is drawn to a subtle movement of copper undertones across curves and edges that add a unique expression and warmth to this dark finish .
Inspired by rifle barrels, this finish provides a smooth sheen with a hint of warmth over delicate brush strokes.

Neither matt, nor shiny, Gunmetal possess a unique lustre that provides a sophisticated dark tone over the top of a delicately brushed lower surface.

Hidden below Gunmetal’s upper surfaces is a layer of nickel that adds an almost imperceivable warmth to the finish and allows it to universally settle into all scheme where it’s included.
Matt Black

Employing a five stage process, this graceful brass is sealed to ensure tarnishing won’t occur over its lifetime.

For those looking for a brass, polished surface that will not tarnish, this is the one. When brass is first polished it becomes very light and so critically, every component we make is left to stand to mellow before capturing that warmth below the hand application of an industry leading 2 layers of gloss lacquers.

Clean sharp reflections and smooth surfaces of our Polished Brass bathroom & kitchen fixtures offer an exacting and clean aesthetic.

Oil Rubbed Bronze
A classic US finish re-invoked with a special lacquering technique that results in a sophisticated, deep anthracite sheen.

Oil Rubbed Bronze’s surface is rather unique – created through the application of several base layers that are topped with a matt lacquer containing a suspension of pre-tarnished liquid copper – resulting in a deep and even anthracite tone.

The uniformity of Oil Rubbed Bronze’s finish provides a consistency much appreciated by lovers of the modern aesthetic. Its anthracite tone makes an ideally pairing with cool tones and honed white marbles.
A heritage look not often seen on brassware. This finish uses a brushed blackened layer on its upper surface to offer unique character.

Created through the application of a black oxidizing layer that is then carefully brushed away by our polishers to reveal the nickel below, Pewter presents a unique surface that is neither silver, nor black.

Of particular attraction with Pewter are the fine hairlines of silver nickel that are revealed below the blackened surface. These glint and glisten with the light as the viewer moves around the space, adding a magical charm to this finish.
Rustica Brass
We’ve created a velvet surface to this dark tactile finish to allow it to capture light within its warm brass base.

Finishing for us is as much about surface texture as it is depth of colour and tone. Rustica Brass is a great example of how these interests overlap in the creation of a very unique finish that posses a velvet surface and a deep colour that is built up through the application of several layers of materials.

Whilst Rustica Brass offers an intensely deep black surface there is also a softness to its look that allows it to sit comfortably in most spaces without needing to shout. It’s velvet surface is highly caressable and its warm tone sees it pair well with a lot of adjacent materials.