4 Basin Taps For Your Next Bathroom Redesign

Brooklyn Wall Mounted Basin Tap, GM
Credit: H Interiors

Inspired by gate valves and sprinkler systems found in the mid-century apartment blocks of Brooklyn, this range presents a style for all urban loyalists combined with the functionality of modern manufacture.

The basic form of each Brooklyn handle is created through a process called hot forging. This sees a plug of brass heated to around 800 degrees centigrade, before being placed in a mould and hammered into its iconic form by giant machinery. After cooling we then burnish all surfaces to refine them and get the handle ready for the more detailed surface work that is required in advance of applying your chosen finish.
London Wall Mounted Basin Tap, VB
Credit: Deborah Oppenheimer

An elegant collection available with two handle types, London tweaks at classical elements whilst incorporating clean lines that make it ideal for modern interiors looking to add a hint of heritage.

With an eye to providing a heritage reference to London’s form our design studio developed the circular tapered barrel that runs down through the centre of every handle.

This easily overlooked detail is in fact one of the most significant examples of our polishers ability – being able to take a forged form and polish it by hand to an almost perfect circle whilst resisting the pressures of the polishing wheel is, to those who have ever tried to draw a perfect circle on the page, an incredible celebration of what can be achieved when you dedicate your life to an artform.
Anika Wall Mounted Basin Tap, GM
Credit: Baden Baden Anika

Created to suit the traditional home in today’s modern world, Anika uses elements of classic design embodied within the clean lines of contemporary living.
A unique stepped handle and rosette detail provides this range with a refined treatment that reflects its transitional direction. Anika is available with two handle options, a tapered lever or a unique three-spoke crosshead design.
Loft Wall Mounted Basin Tap. GM

Credit: Sanatorium
Loft provides an optimised range with unique elements and a universal form that still maintains a quality of construction and finish that is the hallmark of all our ranges.

Such geometric forms sit well in modern spaces, particularly highly architectural environments where it’s simplicity fits well with a rigorous attention to detail that is common in these builds. Because of its form it quickly becomes apparent that Loft’s character can be set by your finish selection – play into it’s clean form with something like Rustica Brass or Brushed Brass, or look to juxtapose this against one of our artisanal finishes such as Vintage Copper, anything goes with this universal design.